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zingBox - Mini

zingBox - Mini

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The zingBox Mini is a basic survival kit in times of load shedding.  It offers:

-  220V  power plug for low-energy critical items such as Computer, Wifi, TV 

-  USB port for charging cell phones

- 12V lighter plug

- 12V LED light on 3m chord

- Portable wired battery box with carry handle, voltage gauge and on/off switch 
take the power to where it is needed most - even camping)

Battery: Gel 33AH (enough space to add an additional battery)

Inverter: 500W modified sine wave

Charger: 5 Amp Intelligent

Dimensions:  L 56  W 23   H 23 mm

Weight:  25kg

Notes on battery management:

Connect to the grid to keep  your battery charged.

You can also use solar (optional extra).

Always recharge the battery as soon as possible after use.

Never deplete battery to less than 12V

When not in use you can pack zingBox away but you should recharge the battery every two months.



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