Zingco electric vehicle project
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About us

Black Moon Investments 99 is a 100% female owned micro-enterprise founded by Santa Scheepers. Our holding company’s main focus and mandate is to establish and develop companies within the clean technology sphere.

Our mission is to change commuter behaviour away from fossil fuel vehicle ownership towards public transport, electric vehicles and communal use.  

We wanted to create the greenest car in the world.  Therefore we pay meticulous attention to sustainability in everything we do.  The operations footprint of the vehicle itself and the manufacturing footprint eminating from the process of making the car from cradle to grave is minimal.  This adds up to the lowest possible overall environmental footprint over the lifecycle of the vehicle.  



The company is currently incubated at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria under a CIC sponsored program. The UNEP Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CIC) is based on the model developed by infoDev’s Climate Technology Program which is a division of the World Bank. 

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