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DIY conversion kit (Beetle)

DIY conversion kit (Beetle)

Regular price R 60,000.00

If you have your own Beetle converting it to electric may be easier than you think.  Our expertise and adapter plate is specific to classic VW Beetles.  However, with a little bit of skill and savvy you can make your own adaptations to convert other similar cars as well.


10kW - for Beetle in city conditions (speed 75km/hr)

20kW - for Beetle at highway speeds (speed 100km/hr)

The kit consists of:

  • BLDC motor & controller
  • Basic wiring, USB connector and heavy duty cable to connect batteries
  • Contractor, foot pedal and gauges
  • Mounting structures (for Beetle gearbox) - need to be adapted for other models
  • 8 hours of free technical assistance to help ensure your project is a success

Please note that you will also require a battery pack of your choice.

Batteries can weigh anything from 100kg to 360kg  - try not to go over that.  The pricing can likewise very from R35 000 to R180 000.  It depends on budget and desired distance per charge.  We recommend 4 x 150 Ah lead crystal batteries which weigh about 180kg (40-50km range for under R50 000).  If you have the budget then go for lithium.


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